The ecolodge

Lagoon edge - Sine-Saloum

The rooms

The rooms by the lagoon have preserved their traditional Peuhl architecture, perfectly adapted to the local micro-climate.

The she bathroom is charming by its decoration, but is quite comfortable.

Bar – Restaurant

We propose a rich and varied cuisine, always with fresh foods.

For the meals, there is no dining room; just the shade of the trees facing the lagoon protects us from the rays of the sun and keeps us in a micro-climate. Never too hot, nor too cold!

And needless to say that napping in this environment becomes… compulsory.

You can also have cocktails by the bolong, thanks to our large choice of drinks, while enjoying free Wifi.

The swimming pool}}

A well-sized pool, with “beaches” specifically designed for farniente and tanning, perfectly blends into this natural environment, made of lush vegetation and sheltering many different bird species.


Main assets

  • Many free activities
  • Pool and lagoon
  • Architecture, peacefulness and beauty of the site
  • Value for money
  • Multi-ethnic encounters
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+221 78 545 41 57

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